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KEC and Gate Access Systems

Gate access technologies differ from institution to institution. It has become necessary to use KEC (Identity Access Device) as an integrated solution for these card or biometric passes. Pursuant to the enacted regulation, any person or institution will be prohibited from keeping their new Turkish identity cards. With this integration, our identity cards will now be our pass to many institutions, without the need for a guest card or any extra card, to authenticate without retaining the identity. Thanks to KEC integration, institutions will be able to use the new Turkish ID card without the need for any additional work.

By means of the contactless gate access technologies in our portfolio, KEC gate access integration will be provided easily. Together with our gate access solutions, KEC integration will be easily realized without contact with two biometric technologies.

1) With Face Recognition Terminals

Ubiox Face: Thanks to the NFC reading feature in our face recognition terminal, the new TC ID card easily integrates with the face data of your employees and guests.

· Thanks to our EB/980 product, you can make the gate access as a face recognition terminal.

· Face recognition by means of our EB/ARN 820

2) With Iris Recognition Terminals

Iris ID 7000 series: With the recorded iris data, you can easily use your new T.R. ID card in an integrated way from the NFC section. KVKK and GDPR compliant.

With this integration that does not require any additional work, you can easily manage the data you receive from your Identity Access Devices with your door access system and use your new ID card as a part of your access system.

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