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Are You Still Entering Password?

Password-free usage is possible with Single Sign On (SSO)!

So what is SSO?

The only unlock is an authentication scheme. It allows the user to log on to any of the standalone software systems with a single ID and password.

Employees of the institution are required to use a password for electronic transaction and access permission. As a result, users need to create passwords such as upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, length control and they should change them periodically.

According to research, employees actively create passwords for 20 different usage areas. Therefore, the desire to use a single password is quite high. Again, these studies show that 60% of the calls made to the support desk of Information Technology units are about password updating.

Data protection, user authentication and password management are the most critical issues in both individual and corporate structures. According to the research of the Gartner group, companies allocate high support budgets for password update operations. Again, according to Gartner, an employee forgets his password on average 4 times a year, and each call to the help desk for password update costs between $14 and $25.

Today, Single Sign On solutions are made with biometric methods such as fingerprint, palm vein recognition and face recognition.

How does SSO leverage the biometric solution?

  • Elimination of security risk from sharing passwords

  • Removing the risk of saving or forgetting passwords

  • Reducing the operational load caused by constantly renewed passwords

  • More secure login with biometrics

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