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What is biometrics?

Biometrics is defined as the measurement and statistical analysis of the physical and behavioral characteristics of people - even organisms - unique to them. This word of Greek origin plays a big role in the use of our unique body size as a substitute for passwords we need to remember.

Our biometric data is our benchmark that extends to our DNA. The most commonly used biometric data types today are;

  • Iris data

  • Face data

  • Fingerprint data

  • Palm data

and more, we use our own reference data, which makes us human and distinguishes us from other people.

The most reliable of these, iris data, takes an invariable structure from the moment we turn 1 year old. Our right and left irises are absolutely unique, and similarity to other people's irises is measured at 1 in 10⁷².

Our face data, on the other hand, is used in processes that follow Iris data and require many similar security protocols such as "Access Control" and "Personnel Attendance Control System", and in areas that positively affect system security and speed.

As ETB, we offer products and solutions in this field by focusing on technologies that measure and apply biometrics to authentication.

Our biometric data is our most distinctive yet unique passwords.

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