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We Bring Tomorrow's Technologies to Today

About Us

ETB, one of the EB group companies, Turkey's well-established information technology company, has been offering technology to the business world since 1998. While bringing digital transformation and a secure system to institutions with its innovative perspective, it continues to be one of the leaders of the sector with the value it gives to its stakeholders, its way of doing business, its production focus and vision.

With the importance it gives to digitalization, its innovative perspective, value-added solutions and R&D studies, it offers many different customizable solutions and services such as e-archive, document scanner and software, biometric solutions, and digital transformation.

ETB, which starts the change with itself for customer satisfaction, includes innovation at every stage, and proceeds with R&D, brings the future to the present for you.



To lead the sector by constantly improving with its product variety, quality service and competitive position in the digital transformation and biometrics sector.

To take place globally by offering innovative solutions in the field of digital transformation and biometrics.

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