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We offer our software solutions developed by R&D and the software solutions that we represent global brand by providing customer satisfaction.


R & D

Our software products developed by our R&D departments;

·         Das Capture

·         Das Diffusion

·         Das Archive (DAS)

·         DasBase (DYS)

·         DAS KVKK

·         Check Processing

·         Signature Processing

·         Image Enhancement

·         KEC, EKDS Software

                - E-signature

                - Who’s this? Digital Onboarding

·         Terminal Center Management Software  

·         Document / KEC Integrated Software

·         Digital ID

Please contact for detailed information.

Kodlama İstasyonu


​ Our global brand software solutions that we partner with;

·         Kofax

·         Daon

·         Digital Onboarding

·         Innovatrics

·         Digital Onboarding

·         WinDream

·         SSO Software

              - Softex (Omnipass)

              - Digital Persona (SSO)

Please contact for detailed information.

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