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What is KEC?

KEC (Kimlik Erişim Cihazı) (Identity Access Device)

Identity Access Device (KEC) is a special card reader whose infrastructure was developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM for new generation electronic ID cards. By means of the GEM (Secure Access Module) inside the device, it can securely communicate with the ID card and read data fields that cannot be reached with standard card readers, such as the personal message of the card holder and biometric data. KEC performs verification with authentication methods according to the security policy determined by the external application software or the policy server.

What are the Basic Features?

- 1 card reader (preferably 2 units as service recipient and service provider)

- Biometrics sensor (supporting fingerprint, preferably iris+face)

- Touch screen

- Keypad (physical or virtual support)

- Arm board (preferably 10 or more)

- It has RAM and flash memory (capacity to support iris and face verification should be preferred for operational efficiency)

Which Biometrics?

There is fingerprint biometrics in the chip carried by the existing e-IDs. Fingerprint sensors also differ in their high accuracy and reliability. (Example: Fab 30, 40, 60). Which biometric sensor is on the KEC to be preferred and its features should be definitely examined.

In addition, the inclusion of face and iris biometrics in existing e-identities is planned by the NVI presidency with the change in the world. For this reason, hardware features such as main board, RAM and flash memory are important when choosing KEC products. The Identity Access Devices (KEC) that should be preferred are those that can provide the biometrics version upgrade.

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